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Did I Overstep

This person posts a lot moaning about feminists and gender fluidity. I finally had enough and said something when he posted hateful stuff about Jaidan Smith in a dress.

Did I overstep?

As it stands, today is shitty. I was removed as admin from a board I adored running. It is a fan board so it's not as though it was s band thing. Just a fan control thing.
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I didn't meet CC but I did meet....

Gary Numan! I gave him my business card and hope he'll let Tiny Giant Productions book him in NOLA. More pics on facespace.

Who's knitting on my couch?

Dee Plume is! Paula's comfy too! They were so touched by my gift basket! Tomorrow we get T's made!


And he needs $2000 more!!!! He's sooooooooooo close! Help him out!

Torchwood: Miracle Day

You know when you were poor and used to get the cheap watered down "Kool-aid" mix, the ghetto Velveeta, the powdered milk, the peanut butter in the generic brown squeeze tube (actually strike the peanut butter. That shit was salty and damn tasty.) from the government. It was watered down, bland and not all that good but it got you through? Well, that's what Torchwood: Miracle Day was to me. It was watered down, it was bland and it was not what it was supposed to be. Yeah, the budget was obviously bigger because Starz took it on and it shows. And yeah, they got big names. But at what cost? It's essence is gone. The characters are washed out shells of themselves. Jack's camp is even gone. That's one of the main draws, the camp! And I get the strange niggling that it was dumbed down for us Americans. Not just a niggling, it's a full on poking with a giant stick. I get what they're trying to do. And Russell T Davies will get his big fat check. But dammit Barrowman, and Myles for that matter. WTF! The supporting characters are bland as milk toast too! Save for Mekhi Phifer. I do love him in pretty much whatever he does.

In a nut shell, too damn Americanized. Am I being pretentious? Probably. But, Christ-y! "Fifty crooples for sandals? Christ-y!"

I did get some schwag though. And had a lovely date with the husband. And it was a private screening so I can at least be all pompous and say, "Oooh, yes well, I went to a private screening". So all in all not so bad. Just a touch disappointing.
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And will someone please leave the "BARROWMAN" gif. I don't feel like hunting for it.
Going to Wanda Jackson has been canceled. The friend I was supposed to go with has got children and some sort of child related issue occurred. Doh! See this is why I will never breed. They ruin plans. God but I'm selfish.

What I want: To get a Daiquiri from a drive through (yes they have those in Louisiana, I love this state) and go swimming. If you've got a pool I've got the booze. Let's meet in the middle.

Making this gen pop

Took the lock off a post for once because I think everyone needs to see this.

Hand me my glow sticks. Mama wants to jiggle.

Also, a little Stefon. Jew Diamond Phillips! LAWL.

Precious Roy, Precious Roy...

...Makin' lots of suckers out of girls and boys. BUY MY PANTS!

So along with selling friends games, I've decided to list a bunch of my too big for me name brand clothes on the Ebay.
Check it! There's some real cute stuff in thar'! Yeah I used to wear flares... WHAT?! I've repented! I've seen the light of the tight skinny jean!



Kate Bush is releasing a new album

I do wonder if Noel's dancing was the catalyst. (EDIT: Pay no mind to my silly thoughts. I don't think the man had everything to do with this, just maybe a small lil' part. Get in whilst you're more relevant and all that. I liked Ms. Bush before. OK I'll just crawl under my rock with chester )

In other news, I'm selling some friends games on Ebay. Buy his stuff!

I've been posting this everywhere...

And I mean EVERYWHERE! It's so pretty!